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Ship In the Night To Pen Best Seller

Multiple Awards Expected

Internationally unknown blog site Ship In the Night has announced its intention to produce a best selling book by the end of the decade. “It is our sincere hope that the proposed wildly acclaimed tome will help to put my kids through college,” said the reclusive editor of the site. If all goes as planned the volume should hang in the top 10 of the New York Times Bestseller List for at least 5 to 7 weeks. “The exact timeĀ  at or near the top of the list is a little hard to pin down at the moment,” he explained. “We hope to have a more exact estimate as the date of publication draws closer.”

Borders Parthenonic Retail Establishment

Ship In the Night has signed an exclusive deal with Borders to Market the first of many of its planned bestsellers

Insiders say this is the most ambitious attempt at fame and fortune yet by the perennially ignored blog. We’re narrowing down the subject and style right now,” the editor explained. “We’re pretty sure it’s going to be humorous, probably fictional and certainly entertaining for a wide demographic. We also expect it to be easily translatable into a hit movie.” A carefully selected team of comedic authors has been sequestered in a low-budget motel to bring the project to fruition spokesbloggers report. The team is reportedly attempting to combine the likes of the wildly amusing pseudo psychic detective from the hit TV show Psyche with a derivative of the fun-loving serial killer Dexter to create a riotous mad cap adventure of lighthearted murder and mayhem. “If we can successfully add a touch of the neuroses of theĀ  long suffering character Monk we think we will have a winning combination,” team leader Joan Brixby beamed.

Reviewers for the soon to be hit are already lining up in expectation of its release. “It’s sure to be chapters of chuckles,” wrote Cynthia Schlackenblat, pulp fiction maven for the Times Literary Supplement. “I’ve taken out additional insurance to cover the expected damage to my funny bone” crooned Vlad Belkin of the Prague Review of American Literature of Laughs. “Undoubtedly the Yuk ‘O the Year,” brogued Siobhan O’Stance, of the Dublin Survey of non Gaelic Comedic Books.

The yet to be titled book should be available on the most prominent shelves in major book retailers and easily found near the top of the Reader’s Favorites sections of reputable online retailers. Downloadable versions for all the latest tablets and book readers will of course be conveniently accessible. An audio version is planned as soon as there is something to record.


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