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Apple Says “Happy Turkey Day”

The latest app represents “A Great Leap Forward” in the search for the perfect bird

At 12:01 AM PST the 2009 holiday season was launched like no other with the hatching of the latest app from the merry makers at Apple Computer. Deemed The IBird, this revolutionary application promises the tastiest turkey yet. Ibird uses wireless technology to provide constant real time updates on the state of your holiday centerpiece. A microchip implant in the breast sends a signal that can be monitored by any Iphone loaded with this latest app offering. No longer does the nervous chef have to wonder,  “is it time to turn the bird, baste now or wait till later, sip the sherry or hit the sauce.” Sit back  and let Ibird do all the worrying for you. “Ibird ‘es le homing pigeon des les artes culinary,” says world famous television cooking personality, Chef Ravel Bouduoir. “Les days of le nightmare kitshen will be gone bye bye, forever.”

IBird is powered by cutting edge technology called Yenta. Previously available only to the military, Yenta can insure your baking bird is perfect every time. Temperature, moisture, and salinity, are just some of the parameters constantly monitored by Ibird. Voice prompts let the nervous Nelly know precisely when its time to attend to “Le creation.” Just wait to hear your guests’ cries of “oo la la”  as they savor the most delicious Thanksgiving meal they have ever had.

To download the latest app go to Apple/apps/ And if you missed it for Thanksgiving, remember, Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. So be sure to take some time out from your holiday shopping, hop on Santa’s lap, and whisper IBird in his ear. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Ibird is sure to be your favorite gift this year. You’ll be singing “Thank you, Apple’s elves.”


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